Storing Vinyl Records for Beginners

Vinyl records are one of those things you can be proud of and will last forever. They are usually passed down from one generation to the next, which becomes a part of your legacy to your family. That is why preserving your records is of vital importance. They are vulnerable and most importantly, expensive! Once one breaks down, you’ll need a lot of money to replace it. You can usually hear the scratches in the music when it’s playing, which means that there’s something wrong with your vinyl records. If you’re new at this whole vinyl collecting thing, then we’ve got some tips on how to properly store your vinyl records. You can also surf on this website to find out more about vinyl records, but first, let’s get you in on the basics.

Use their jackets

Never, ever, put a vinyl record back on the shelf without its jacket. The jacket is the most critical protective unit for the vinyl. You also shouldn’t leave the record on the turntable for too long, as it quickly will catch dust and then this can ruin the longevity of the vinyl. As soon as you’re done listening, put the vinyl record in its jacket and store it right away. You don’t want the sound quality to decrease just because you forgot about the jacket.

Clean with the right tools

A lot of vinyl collector newbies think they can get away with cleaning vinyl records with anything, including a towel. This is a common mistake. Fibers and dirt from sheets or cotton can rub off on your vinyl and scratch it. There are specific cleaning tools designed for vinyl records that you should use. When you buy your album, chances are the store sell record cleaning brushes too. You can also purchase these online. There are also vinyl cleaning solutions that you spray on the record and wipe with microfiber clothing. You need to do this regularly, at least once every six months.

Store in an upright position

The reason why you should store vinyl records in an upright position, and not stacked on top of another, is to ensure their condition stays good. When you stack vinyl records, you are putting pressure on them, and sooner or later your records will warp. You should also create dividers to make sure your records won’t slant and won’t slide and fall.


Post Author: Kenneth Green