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Tips for Making the Best Rap Beats

A lot of questions are usually asked when it comes to making beats for rap music. Musicians who do underground rap tend to inquire a lot concerning beat making, the hardware and the software to use when creating the beats. Below are some tips that are essential to making the best beats for rap music.

Buy a Midi-compatible Keyboard

keyborad and desktop

Producers may try to program beats using only the keyboard and the mouse. This may work, but you can find it more comfortable if you use a keyboard that is midi-compatible when making these beats. Having a keyboard enables you to test the loaded sounds with ease, plays the cord sequences and also programs natural-sounding note sequences. Without this keyboard, you will have to do everything by programming every single note tediously by hand.

Learn the Software Program

Whether using Reason, Fruity Loops, Logic Cubase or any software programming for beats, it is vital to learn how to use the music software thoroughly. Go through the manual, read articles, watch Youtube videos and try experimenting with your beat software hands-on. After learning the ins and outs of the software, you can eventually translate all your musical ideas onto the screen then into the beat.

Do not Underestimate Good Sounds

It vital to steer yourself from the preset factory sounds in the software and spend money on the best sounds for your rap music beats. You may buy the sounds for any music software program. Many websites have samples of sounds for you to hear before you buy.

Listen to Different Music Styles

To be good at rap beats, listen to various kinds of music. This will open up your brain to new note sequences, mixes, song composition and drum patterns. The music will be embedded in your subconscious, and it will positively affect your ability to make rap music beats.

Learn Mixing Techniques

hands on mixerWhen it comes to making rap music beats, do not underestimate the necessity of excellent mixing techniques. The mixing skills can break or make your beats. You may have laid down the best melody but if the beats are mixed poorly the sound will be wrong. Your job is not to make the final mix of the beat since the vocals still require to be added and the studio engineers will tweak some things when the vocals are finished. Do your best however with the equipment to make a presentable, solid mix for the rap beat.

Everybody wants good music, and for this to be possible, the beats have to be good. These tips will help you get the best rap beats which translate to the best rap music.…